About Me

My name is Perry Shawcroft.

Welcome to my website!

I started doing woodworking a couple years ago.

I worked for UPS for 30 years and was looking forward to retirement, when I fell off a roof and broke my back in 2011.

I am now paralyzed from the waist down. Needless to say that ended my UPS career. Needing something to occupy my time I started making little Christmas trees out of boards and putting lights and decorations on them. They were popular but after a couple years I had pretty much run out of customers. So I made board snowmen and decorated them, but soon they too had reached their limit.

Needing a new hobby I watched several videos on you tube about making band saw boxes. I bought a band saw and started making very small jewelry boxes in my garage. As I learned and got more experience, I started making larger boxes. By then the garage was not a garage, but a shop, much to the displeasure of my dear wife.

I finally have a small shop that I can now work in.

The reason I have started this web site is because as we sell boxes at craft fairs and farmers markets, people would ask how they can get in touch with me. I have told them I have a face book account, but that is not sufficient for what I need. I want to be able to tell people where they can go to see my boxes and order them if they want. All the information will be in one place.

Please look at my boxes and other items and if they are what you need please consider buying them. They make great Christmas gifts, as well as any other special day.

Thank you very much.


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